ClickShare CSC-1 Wireless Presentation System

The CSC-1 offers a complete ClickShare collaboration experience by enabling to display the content of up to 4 users simultaneously and 64 users can be in a ready to share mode. Furthermore, perfectly synchronized audio & Video ensures that video clips can be optimally enjoyed.

The CSC-1 features the ability to have dual output display using both clone and extended mode. If you are driving two screens, two projectors or Double HD canvas, the full-featured CSC-1 is the right choice. With CSC-1 you can also connect 4K resolution displays through Display Port.

ClickShare CSC-1
ClickShare csc-1

Connect up to 64 users to the CSC Base Unit simultaneously

ClickShare 4K>

Supports 4K resolution

ClickShare 4 screen

4 users sharing on screen

ClickShare youtube video snapshot

Perfectly synchronized sound and video

ClickShare CSC-1 in Meeting Room

Show dynamic content from iPads, iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy devices

ClickShare Dual Screen Support

Dual screen support

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